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Bad Valve Sopts

    It might sound like an obvious thing to state, but there are places in the home where housing valves doesn’t make much sense. If you don’t know where these places are, then here is something that can act as a handy reminder for you.

  • Never by the door
    If you have a thermostatic valve, placing it near a door is a bad idea. They work on the principle that once a room reaches a certain temperature, the valve will shut off the supply of hot water to the radiator. Now if that valve happens to be by a door that is opening and closing or near a draught.
  • Never behind furniture
    It’s not just the cold that can confuse a valve, the heat can be just as worse. If you place a sofa in front of a radiator, the valve will reach a certain temperature much quicker and think that the room is warmer than it really is. If you really have to place furniture near a valve, leave as big as gap as possible for air to circulate better.
  • Inside a cover
    The same goes if you have a radiator enclosed in a cover. Heat will build up quicker within the cover, so it’s best to either have a small hole near the valve to circulate air better or have the valve sit outside of the cover. Just make sure the pipes aren’t exposed in an area where children would be prone to fiddle with the valve and possibly hurt themselves.
  • Never at an angle
    In an ideal world all valves would be fitting horizontally to radiators to maximise effectiveness, but most are fitted vertically. This isn’t really a big problem, but if the radiator is going to be an awkward position like a tight corner or underneath something, the temperature range of the radiator might be affected and take longer to heat a space.