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Valve designs

    Valves come in all shapes and sizes. Having the right one is important if you’re looking for it to fit in with the design the interior of a room has. Whether you’re looking for something contemporary, traditional or just functional, it is good to know the difference types of design if you plan on buying some.

    These are the main types of design you will come across.

  • Minimal
    A minimal valve will almost always be a manual one. No marks or etching on the metal. It is just a polished valve that will sit on top. If you’re somewhere who is always keeping an eye on the heating, buy a square minimalist valve, as you’ll get to know what temperature it is at just by looking at which angle it sits at.
  • Brass
    Useful if you have a traditionally older radiator, a brass handle is one that will need your love and attention when cleaning. Normally one would come with a sink like handle that has a rim of polished wood. It’s a nice design feature that also comes in handy (you’re not going to want to turn the temperature down on a hot brass handle). You’ll also see a lot of levered brass handle that are usually a bit more expensive but are made from very high quality wood and brass.
  • Conventional
    A metal valve wrapped on top with a white plastic lid. It doesn’t get much more basic and resourceful than this. If your budget is more functional than aesthetic, this is easiest option to go for. A very cheap thermostatic valve is the best for controlling radiators in the home and saving money on bills. It also helps too that if one breaks, it will always be much more easy to replace than the other two valves talked about.